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chucho-wp2Proudly Sanmiguelense, Professor Jesus Rodríguez is inheritor of a traditional and conservator local family, He owes his love for the history, culture and traditions of San Miguel to his grandma´s tales and the walks with his father when child.

His basic education happened is San Miguel´s schools while playing soccer in the cobblestone streets of his birth town was witness of the evolution of San Miguel into World Heritage Site & the best city of the world.

1997 played a fundamental role for his profesional formation when he obtained his degree in Tourist Development by ITESBA University, he got his Federal License as a Certified Tour Guide by SECTUR, and he created the brand ROMOTUR his own company for tour guide´s management.

Professor Rodriguez has a large experience teaching history and tourism in different schools of town, as well he has contributed for three years at UTSMA “Universidad Tecnológica de San Miguel de Allende” as teacher in its Tourism School.

Jesus Rodriguez is cofounder and active member of  “Tertulia caminando por las calles de San Miguel” an academic group whose purpose is the diffusion and conservation of the local history and culture.

20 years leading cultural tours, tourism is his passion, his way of life and he loves to share with his accompanies his love for Mexico.

cañada de la Virgen, San Miguel de Allende, TOURS




Come with ROMOTUR and discover the beauty of Cañada de la Virgen, one of the most incredible pre-Columbian sites in the state of Guanajuato.img_20160417_230426

Just 33 kilometers southwest from San Miguel, we’ll be witnessing the pre-hispanic splendor of the Rio Laja´s basin.


Located in the northern border of Mesoamerica, the site named Cañada de la Virgin was established around the fifth century A.C. by probably Oto-Pame groups.

It is believed it was an important astronomical and ceremonial center due to the presence of the “sunk patio” that filled with water was used as an astronomical observatory and discovery of the mortuary bundle named “El Jerarca”. Primarily investigated by Don Miguel Malo, it suffered a dynamite explosion in the 40´s which caused irreversible damages to the main structure. Cañada de la Virgen has since been part of the archaeological heritage of San Miguel.

In the 1990´s, the main pyramid was excavated by the archaeologists Luis Felipe Nieto and Don Paterson. They both ran the first scientific excavation on the site and made a complete map pointing about 90 archaeological sites in the rio laja basin.

 In 2002, archaeologist Gabriela Zepeda led a multi-disciplinary team with anthropologists, sociologists, architects, restorers, historians and archeo-astrononers. They all worked from 2002 to 2011 and obtained enormous advances in the investigation.img_20160324_115523984

Due to the archeo-astronomical program led by Rossana Quiroz, we can talk about calendar importance of the site and the role played by the sun, moon and venus as markers of the agricultural and religious events.


Come on this four hour tour guided in English by professor Jesus Rodriguez who is going to provide you with complete information about this gorgeous place.

img_20160312_113239779Tour duration 4 hours.

Cost $ 50 USD Personally led in English by Professor Jesús Rodríguez. Includes door to door transportation, entrance fee, water and snacks 


Entretenimiento, San Miguel de Allende, TOURS



            Este mágico paseo recorre los puntos más representativos de San Miguel de Allende, dos cuadras y media a la redonda del jardín principal, con explicaciones amplias y verídicas, conducido por un Guía General de Turistas, con amplia trayectoria en el manejo de grupos bilingüe además que cuenta con amplia experiencia en el área, quien lo transportará a través de la historia y el arte.

LUGARES A VISITAR:6oratorio-salud-sales

  • Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel.
  • Casa de Ignacio Allende.
  • Casa del Mayorazgo de la Canal.
  • Templo de la Concepción.
  • Centro cultural el Nigromante.
  • Teatro Angela Peralta.
  • Templo de San Felipe Neri.
  • Templo de Nuestra Señora de la Salud.
  • Plaza cívica del Generalísimo Don Ignacio Allende.
  • Templo de San Francisco.
  • Casa de las conspiraciones.


Una hora con cuarenta y cinco minutos de caminata ligera



  • $120 pesos por persona en grupos menores de 7 personas.
  • $ 800 Pesos por grupo  de 8 a 19 personas.
  • $1000 pesos por grupo de 20 hasta 40 Personas.
  • Se requiere hacer un depósito del 50% para tener su status de reservación como “confirmada”.
  • Precio no incluye impuestos, en caso de requerir factura solicitarla con anticipación.




  • Calzar zapato cómodo.
  • Disponibilidad para caminar
  • Cachucha o gorra
  • Cámara fotográfica.
  • 21-patio-de-belles-artes
Aventura, San Miguel de Allende, TOURS


 Bienvenidos a San Miguel de Allende, esta Semana Santa  en ROMOTUR Operadora de Servicios Turísticos nos ponemos a Tus órdenes para bríndarte los paseos mas amenos y formativos; he aquí algunos recorridos básicos para conocer San Miguel de Allende, Caminando o en vehículo, pero todos ellos experiencias intensas que solo vivirás a nuestra manera. Por lo algo hemos ganado tu preferencia y estamos mejorando porque nos gusta consentirte y darte lo mejor de nosotros.

Imagen 201Imagen 060


Vamos a dar un paseo por los monumentos más interesantes de la ciudad, lo que incluye la Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel con la increíble historia de Zeferino Gutiérrez, la casa del capitán Ignacio Allende, visitaremos el Templo de la Purísima Concepción y su antiguo claustro hoy escuela de Bellas Artes, el Teatro Ángela Peralta, además conoceremos la “ciudadela Religiosa de San Miguel”, la antigua Plaza de la soledad y el paso del camino real; no podemos perdernos el privilegio de visitar el Complejo Monástico franciscano y saber de la incansable labor de los religiosos e beneficio de la antigua villa de San Miguel el grande. Y platicaremos de cómo se fraguo la independencia de México en la Casa de las Conspiraciones.

Anímate a conocer San Miguel de Allende, caminando por sus calles llenas de magia e historia. Este paseo tiene una duración de dos horas y el costo por persona es de $50 pesos.


Aventura, TOURS, Zafari

WINTER 2011-2012

Welcome to ROMOTUR´s blog the personal page of Jesus Rodriguez a Mexican, bilingual certified tour guide, with 15 years touring experience. on this site you will find information about me and my tours.

Visit San Miguel de Allende “World Herriatage Site” and have tours with us is the best way to know San Miguel and Sourroundings.

New season, new projects, more tours…..Having the most incredible experience in Mexico. Make your reservation


As every year join us to have this wonderfull experience visiting the monarch butterflies sanctuary  ” el Rosario”  where every year hundreds of millions of  butterflies undertake a great journey of up to 2000 miles in their annual migration from Canada and the United States to their wintering grounds in Mexico. Once in Mexico the monarchs congregate in the oyamel fir trees of Michoacan and Mexico states. Nature researchers consider this phenomenon as the most impressive in America.

After arriving at their destination, the monarchs cluster in large masses to conserve heat. Their flight muscles do not function well unless the temperature is above 55 degrees. They rest quietly on the trees, resembling dead leaves, until sunlight warms them enough to fly. On warm days, the butterflies will leave the trees entirely, seeking out nectar sources with which to replenish their energy reserves, but always returning well before evening to once again cluster in the trees.

The overwintering Monarchs do not mate until the increasing temperatures and daylight hours in February trigger the development of their sexual organs. They can then be seen performing spiral mating flights, after which the coupled pair will rest overnight. The male passes a nutrient rich sperm packet to the female during mating. This extra energy will allow the female to travel far in search of milkweed on which to lay her eggs. By March, most of the butterflies have departed on the spring migration.Undoubtelly “One of the one hundred things you should do in your life”

Come to this full day trip and you’ll be bewitched with the magic of the monarch butterflies, tour leaves at 06:00 Hrs. I`ll pick you up in your place, entrance fee is include.

This tour runs on Saturday a not crowded day and costs USD$85 per person. (Requires at least 4 pasengeres).

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ROMOTUR presenta un recorrido premier que se convertirá en una experiencia histórica.

El recorrido de historias y leyendas insurgentes es una opción de un recorrido turístico para los amantes de la historia, que amalgama la fundamentación e investigación documental con la parte teatral y humoristica; un recorrido turístico a cuatro voces, caracterizando a los personajes mas sobresalientes de la Villa de San Miguel el Grande en 1810 que participaron en la conjura insurgente.
Hasta el momento el recorrido mas fundamentado y completo en San Miguel de Allende, conducido por guías de turistas certificados.

Entre otros temas destacan:

  • La Gran personalidad del Capitan Allende.
  • El regimiento provincial de  los dragones de la reina.
  • La crueldad de Manuel Flon.
  • Cuando los insurgentes tomaron San Miguel.
  • Las biografias de Juan e Ignacio aldama.
  • Tesoros y tuneles en San Miguel de Allende.


General $100 pesos

Menores de 12 años y tercera edad $ 80 pesos

Decídete y se parte del primer recorrido de clase premier en San Miguel de Allende.

Entretenimiento, TOURS


En ROMOTUR  el “Recorrido nocturno de leyendas” un paseo  caminando con las historias de aparecidos, descabezados, duendes y otras animas que por las noches deambulan por las añejas calles de San Miguel de Allende.

Te sorprenderas cuando te platiquemos de:

  •  La leyenda de San Sebastian de aparicio
  • La leyenda del dezcabezado de Sautto
  • La procesion de las animas
  • La bondad del diablo
  • El puente de la ahogada
  • La aparecida en el chorro

Este paseo no te lo puedes perder.
Reserva ya en la recepción de tu hotel o con nuestros promotores en el jardin principal y puntos de venta de  San Miguel de Allende.

Los condes de las leyendas

Adultos $100 niños y adultos mayores $80.

 Precios especiales a escuelas y Grupos maoyores de 20 personas.


 Jueves, Viernes y Sabado

20:00 Hrs (las ocho chiquitas)

Explanada del jardin principal

Recuerda en ROMOTUR tours a lo grande y este verano 2011, solo nosotros tenemos la mejo experiencia, ¡¡¡¡¡VIVELA CON NOSOTROS!!!!!