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WINTER 2011-2012

Welcome to ROMOTUR´s blog the personal page of Jesus Rodriguez a Mexican, bilingual certified tour guide, with 15 years touring experience. on this site you will find information about me and my tours.

Visit San Miguel de Allende “World Herriatage Site” and have tours with us is the best way to know San Miguel and Sourroundings.

New season, new projects, more tours…..Having the most incredible experience in Mexico. Make your reservation romotur@live.com.mx


As every year join us to have this wonderfull experience visiting the monarch butterflies sanctuary  ” el Rosario”  where every year hundreds of millions of  butterflies undertake a great journey of up to 2000 miles in their annual migration from Canada and the United States to their wintering grounds in Mexico. Once in Mexico the monarchs congregate in the oyamel fir trees of Michoacan and Mexico states. Nature researchers consider this phenomenon as the most impressive in America.

After arriving at their destination, the monarchs cluster in large masses to conserve heat. Their flight muscles do not function well unless the temperature is above 55 degrees. They rest quietly on the trees, resembling dead leaves, until sunlight warms them enough to fly. On warm days, the butterflies will leave the trees entirely, seeking out nectar sources with which to replenish their energy reserves, but always returning well before evening to once again cluster in the trees.

The overwintering Monarchs do not mate until the increasing temperatures and daylight hours in February trigger the development of their sexual organs. They can then be seen performing spiral mating flights, after which the coupled pair will rest overnight. The male passes a nutrient rich sperm packet to the female during mating. This extra energy will allow the female to travel far in search of milkweed on which to lay her eggs. By March, most of the butterflies have departed on the spring migration.Undoubtelly “One of the one hundred things you should do in your life”

Come to this full day trip and you’ll be bewitched with the magic of the monarch butterflies, tour leaves at 06:00 Hrs. I`ll pick you up in your place, entrance fee is include.

This tour runs on Saturday a not crowded day and costs USD$85 per person. (Requires at least 4 pasengeres).


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